Getting Married during a Pandemic

The consensus: COVID-19 ruined your plans, but everything ended up perfect.

Who knew that wedding trends this year would include monogrammed hand sanitizer labels and baskets of masks? Brides and vendors are getting creative with the ever so challenging hurdles that 2020 has catapulted into our wedding world. A whimsical twist on a pandemic wedding are the zoom weddings- pants optional! Remember when rain was the only thing you worried about on your wedding day? Even in the best of times wedding planning can be stressful, but people do not want to put their lives on hold! The bright shining light in all of this? Couples. STILL. Want. To. Get. Married!

The year 2020, when the whole world turned upside down, all the crazy things happened and we just say ‘Oh 2020!’. This is a year that so many want to put behind them, but will be cherished by others. What says “we can weather the storm” like getting married in a pandemic? Cynthia Bailey, star of Real Housewives of Atlanta, married talk show host Mike Hill.  According to People, the couple exchanged vows in front of 250 guests during a lavish Georgia wedding on Saturday, October 10.

“10/10/20 is and always will be our perfect date. We are not perfect, but, are perfect for each other,” the newlyweds told People. “We are living in a very different time, and now more than ever we realize that life is too short, and to never take anything for granted.”

Those words resonate with all of us right now. We are inspired by the couples choosing to get married, regardless of the circumstances. It doesn’t matter if your guest list has dropped from 150 people to only 35, at the end of the day, you married your best friend. Meaghan McGoldrick on released this remark.

“We need joy now more than ever” said Mayor de Blasio in a statement, “We won’t let the pandemic get in the way of true love.”

Regardless of what your pandemic wedding looks like, you created a day that represents you and your partner’s commitment to each other and that is something to celebrate.

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